Why aren’t your Facebook Ads working?

Facebook Ads

Do Facebook ads have you stumped? Maybe you have played around a little bit with Facebook Advertising. Maybe you think it’s too confusing or even pointless. Let me reassure you that it is not pointless, it can be a wonderful marketing tool; everyone is on Facebook. Don’t let it be confusing for you, there are a lot of rules and guidelines, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Who are your Facebook Ads targeting?

 Everyone? Wrong answer!

Everyone is not going to find relevance in your ads. It’s nothing personal; it’s just a fact. So if you are spending all this money to send out your Facebook Ads to a lot of people who aren’t going to find them helpful or interesting, you are spinning your wheels. Not only are you wasting money by not targeting more precisely, these people who don’t want to see your ads can mark them as spam, which hurts you. Plus, the percentage of people who will actually engage is low in that scenario, which hurts your ROI. Focus on the people on your email lists, the ones who have expressed interest in your company already, who subscribe to your blog. Send your Facebook Ads to a more precise audience, and you will get the engagement and ROI you want.

Where are you sending them?

The typical goal of Facebook Advertising is to send visitors back to your company’s website, so that they can get to know a little about your business or let them know about a sale you are having, or even to sign up for a free offer.

Don’t send them to your home page.

Send them to a landing page where it is clear what you want them to do. Make sure that you are spending just as much time and effort on your landing page (the place where visitors will land when they click on your Facebook Ad) as you are on the Facebook Ad itself. The page or website you are sending them to should be clear and concise and easy on the eyes. Don’t clutter it up or use crazy colors that hurt people’s eyes. State what they need to do and make buttons easy to see. 

Better yet, send them to a full page  of content video, article or vlog.

Remember the first goal should be getting them to click. Getting them to click on something – anything. Once they click, you can “retarget” or make them other offers. Also, you can offer them a content upgrade. A content upgrade is another high-value freebie related to the content they clicked to see. The difference is that it will be gated which means you will ask them for their name and email.

What are you boosting?

 Maybe you don’t have a super sale coming up. You are just boosting your Facebook posts to get more “Likes” or traffic to your site. That’s ok. Brand recognition is an effect of putting your stuff out there. That’s a good thing. What are you being recognized for though? You want to only boost quality posts, that viewers will find value in, don’t bombard them daily with a bunch of nonsense, just to get your name out there.

Facebook Commands

It’s not all about “Likes” – If your Facebook page is newer and you want to promote your business, then targeting people to “Like” your page is alright. But after you are established, what exactly are all these “Likes” you’re paying for, doing for your ROI? Not a lot. The people who you target, as we talked about above should be people who will become leads and customers, who will visit your website, not just like your Facebook page once and never come back.

Facebook advertising is a great tool to grow your list and fill your webinars.

However, it is only one piece of the puzzle. It doesn’t matter how great your ad is if the content/page you lead them to is sub par. They won’t become a fan if your freebie doesn’t give them a quick win. And they will never click through to begin with if your Call To Action isn’t unique and visible. Can you see how it all fits together nicely to give a complete picture? There are 10 key pieces to creating an effective and lucrative Online Funnel. You need a simple, straight-forward step by step system that tells you where and when place your pieces to get top dollar results. My 10 Weeks to A 6 Figure Funnel system guides you to know exactly what to do, to get you the fastest funnel to cash.

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