The 30 Day List Building Challenge

Give Me 30 Days and I'll Help You Grow Your List

With People Who Are Hungry For Your Work.

Your mailing list is the biggest asset you have as a business owner, and if you’re not taking steps every day to increase your list numbers, your business will suffer.

It’s not as difficult as it looks. This challenge will give you the strategies you need to get started (and keep growing).

Simple, daily activities to make a big impact.

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You will:

  • Find Your Ideal Client
  • Create An Irresistible Freebie
  • Learn One Of The Newest and Fastest Ways To Get Leads (No One Is Telling You About )
  • And so much more  . . . Insider Secrets Coming Your Way
Michele ScismAuthor, Speaker, Coach

Increased Sales by 35% by simply changing one thing after one conversation with Jean. She knows her stuff.

Liz WolfeSpeaker and Coach

My reach grew by 30% in 6 months after working with Jean. For years I had been putting my marketing together piecemeal, and this Jean brought it all together for me. I clarified who my “ideal” client is, gained a deeper understanding of what works to move people through a prospect funnel, and was able to utilize content I already had by organizing it appropriately into the funnel. I then was able to fill in the missing pieces based on what I learned. My marketing emails became more effective and I’ve seen my reach grow because of it. Jean’s knowledge is deep and her guidance is invaluable. 

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