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Learn about the GENIE Technique and the 10 Week Funnel signature systems.

Harvard - Cambridge MA

10 Week Funnel

10 Week Funnel

Jean shared her journey to 100+ Global Thought Leaders banded together at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club. She explained the simple strategies needed to have a fully functional sales funnel in 10 Weeks so that you can reach more people and therefore make more money.

What Does Digital Marketing Have To Do With Lipstick

Jean shared her story about growth and fear to 100+ Marketers and Business owners. She explained the purpose of funnel is meeting people where they are in their journey so that you can turn them into raving fans.

Guerrilla Marketing Global Summit Orlando, FL 
Elevate Live - Fort Lauderdale, FL 

Facebook Advertising Is Not For The Weak

Jean speaks about the trials and tribulations of Facebook advertising. She shares the strategies that are working today to increase clicks and conversion.

Quickly and Easily Attracting Your Ideal Client With A Powerful Freebie

Jean speaks to entrepreneurs around the country and online about how to attract more people using a powerful Attraction Offer. There are 8 Key elements to the perfect freebie and she will share them all.

Decide, Act, Profit - Houston, TX